Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Women: A Buying Guide 2021

Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Women: A Buying Guide 2021

The gym population of men and women is gradually becoming equal, but their bodies are vastly different. That means their pre-workout demands also vary. Women need to be very cautious about choosing a pre-workout supplement, as it will directly affect their health, workout efficiency, and after-effects.

Are you wondering what would be a good supplement for you? We have you covered with the best pre-workout supplements for women based on comprehensive research. So, read on to learn more.

Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements for Women [Reviews]

#1. Naked Nutrition: Overall Best Pre Workout Supplement 

#2. Legion Athletics: Best For Energy Gain

#3. Transparent Labs: Most Trusted Brand For Weight Loss

#4. Ora Organics: Made With Organic And Natural Ingredients 

#5. Optimum Nutrition: Best for Muscles

#1. Naked Nutrition: Overall Best Pre Workout Supplement 


Developed by an athlete, Zymenski, Naked Nutrition came into existence in 2014. In the name of health, the founder was astonished with the unnecessary fillers in fitness supplements. Adding unnecessary ingredients and raising the product’s price are the last things that should be practiced in the health and fitness industry. With that thought, Naked Nutrition came up with a crisp range of supplements that include as few as three to five essential ingredients.

Keeping the ingredients minimal but best in quality, the brand refrained from adding any artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, or additives in the products. They left it to the consumers to flavor up their drink per their preference.

This pre-workout supplement is also nothing more than a natural ten-ingredient blend but nothing less than a fantastic drink to boost your workout.


Premium-Quality Ingredients: The Naked Nutrition pre-workout contains only a few, quality ingredients. With only natural components, the supplement has no gluten, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Third-Party Lab Tested: The company is open with its policies and practices, and it gets its products tested by a third-party lab for the presence of heavy metals, artificial additives, or GMOs. The manufacturing practices and dosage of ingredients are also made transparent with reports for consumers.

Outstanding Results: If you want to shed those extra pounds with minimum gym time, this should be your go-to brand. Swearing by its finest ingredients, the supplement flushes you with clean energy to rock your workout sessions. Vitamin B3, B6, and B12, along with creatine monohydrate, give you that extra push you need to keep yourself going, and the 200mg caffeine content gives you enough stimulation without the energy crashes. This scientific blend helps you get positive results, and natural ingredients prevent the chances of side effects.

Flavors: To keep the ingredients to a minimum and consumers’ control over the product to a maximum, the company provides only two flavors of the pre-workout supplement — Natural and Fruit Punch. Both the variants come in sturdy bottles with 50 and 30 servings per bottle, respectively.

Brand Reputation: Naked Nutrition landed in the industry to help consumers eliminate the brands that played with their health. They were successful in their mission by providing supplements of the finest quality and quickly became famous in the world of fitness. Even fitness experts and professional trainers recommend the brand. Their distinguished position helped them get a spot on our list.

Customer Reviews: The users of the supplement were amazed by the results, and most of the women found their workout sessions intensified after having it. Many customers found the taste to be bland, but the brand is clear about the fact you can flavor it on your own. Some customers also complained about the return policies, but the product’s effectiveness was not an issue.


  • Third-party lab tested
  • No unnecessary ingredients
  • A good amount of amino acids
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in the U.S.
  • No additives or artificial flavors


  • Contains less creatine
  • Does not taste good to some

Customer Policies

  • Free shipping over $49
  • Shipping takes two to three business days
  • Return/exchange policy is not clear

=> Visit the Official Website of Naked Nutrition for More Details

#2. Legion Athletics: Best For Energy Gain


Founded by seasoned health and fitness author Mike Mathews, Legion Athletics is among the bestsellers in the fitness world. Working on its vision to redefine fitness supplements for the better, the experienced team has crafted state-of-the-art products.

The USP of Legion is its purely scientific approach towards developing the most effective and reliable products. Its research team finds the best ingredients and the optimal proportions for the best results, and every dosage is based on clinical research.

None of the products by Legion Athletics is fluffed with useless ingredients just to add more dollars to the final price. Every component has a solid scientific purpose and output in holistic effectiveness.

Moreover, this pre-workout supplement undergoes all quality checks, and the supplement is a unique blend of necessary ingredients with clinically tested proportions to help consumers get the most out of their workout routine.


Authentic Ingredients: Every ingredient used in the Legion Athletics pre-workout supplement is purpose-driven and sourced from the most reliable sources. The brand uses only natural alternatives like theanine, green coffee extracts, natural flavors, etc. In addition, all artificial additives or preservatives are kept off-board.

Third-Party Lab Tested: Every bottle is tested by a third-party lab for harmful additives, allergens, microbes, heavy metals, and impurities. The reports are made public, and the products meet FDA regulations. The manufacturing practices by the company are also of optimum standards.

A Bolt of Energy: If you give in to your lazy side and often feel sluggish to hit the gym, this is the right product for you. The pre-workout supplement by Legion Athletics is a great start to fill your energy quotient to the brim. Both the caffeinated and non-caffeinated versions are great to boost your strength, focus, mood, and energy to fight exhaustion and fatigue at the gym. The caffeinated one gets some extra marks because of the robust 350mg caffeine dosage, which is the optimal amount.

Flavors: Legion Athletics offers you both caffeinated and non-caffeinated supplements. The caffeinated version comes in Fruit Punch, Blueberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, and Cherry Limeade flavors, among others. The one without caffeine comes in Green Apple, Tropical Punch, Fruit Punch, and Blue Raspberry flavors.

Brand Reputation: Legion Athletics has made a loyal fan base for itself with its honesty, transparency, and premium quality. The brand is always appreciated by the industry experts for its flawless products and amazing effects. The pre-workout supplement has added a lot to the reputation because of its energizing potential. Moreover, the high caffeine strength quickly gained attention from professional trainers.

Customer Reviews: The reviews are in thousands, and most of them are positive. On average, the product has received more than 4.5 stars. Customers have said the pre-workout is very effective in boosting energy, and they have also appreciated the taste of the supplement. However, a few customers have felt jittery by using the caffeine variant.


  • Highly energizing
  • Natural ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Scientifically developed formula
  • No unnecessary ingredients
  • Many flavors available


  • Some customers felt jittery after consuming the caffeine variant

Customer Policies

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Friendly customer support
  • Informative website
  • Fast shipping
  • Green Apple flavor not shipped outside the U.S.

=> Visit the Official Website of Legion Athletics for More Details

#3. Transparent Labs: Most Trusted Brand For Weight Loss 


Transparent Labs is a well-established brand in the health and fitness industry, and the name speaks for its honest operations and transparent labels. Having been established to produce reliable and result-oriented products, the brand now focuses on regular research, so only potent and safe products leave the factory.

The passionate R&D team of Transparent Labs is more concerned about putting quality into the supplement than adding glamor to the external packaging, which is evident from their flawless product range that is recommended by most gym trainers. Each of their products is based on rigorous scientific research and clinical calculations to show clear results.

The pre-workout supplement for women manufactured by Transparent Labs is a unique complex of thermogenic and thyroid support, making it apt for the women heading for extensive fat burn.


High-Quality Ingredients: Transparent Labs is honest and transparent in its formula. It provides minimal to no-caffeine supplements with amino acids, creatine, beta-alanine, and all other essential components to help you achieve your dream physique without interfering with your sleep patterns. The presence of Capsimax helps maintain body temperature to help keep you going towards your goals.

Potent: The effectiveness of the Transparent Labs pre-workout supplements is terrific, given the well-proportioned ingredients. The low-caffeine version may boost focus and alertness, while the high-caffeine version may also increase focus and alertness, while other essential components quicken the calorie-burning speed for a more toned and lean body. The presence of beta-alanine may prevent you from energy crashes or muscle fatigue, promoting a healthy weight-loss program.

Flattering Flavors: The brand is highly concerned about the taste of their supplements, which is evident from the variety of flavors offered by them. So, you can choose from delicious options like Tropical Punch, Orange, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry.

Brand Reputation: Transparent Labs works amazingly for both men and women. The research-driven formula and transparent label leave nothing hidden from customers, helping them garner a considerable reputation among workout enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews: Transparent Labs always tends to keep everything clear and open to the public. Its honesty has been appreciated by customers, who have showered it with good ratings. Customers have appreciated the effectiveness of the supplement in boosting energy and have shared how it has helped them to be consistent and intense in their gym sessions.


  • 100% vegan
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives
  • Natural energy booster
  • Long-lasting energy
  • No jitters


  • A bit expensive
  • Not best for weight loss

Customer Policies

  • Free shipping on orders above $150 within the U.S.
  • No returns/exchange allowed
  • You cannot make changes to the order after confirming it

=> Visit the Official Website of Transparent Labs for More Details

#4. Ora Organics: Made With Natural and Organic Ingredients 


Some things are apparent in the name, and Ora Organics’ love for all things natural is visible in theirs. The company was created by New Zealand-based siblings to add a more authentic, organic, and worthy treat to your fitness.

The company is all-organic and, thus, sticks to plant-based products. It sources only quality ingredients to craft unique supplements, which is scarce in the industry filled with overpriced and under-delivering products.

The owners claim they use the product, and if we believe that, it becomes easier to trust them with the quality. Working equally on the taste as on the quality, the brand produces a delectable range of products. As the brand says, “You don’t have to shrink your nose to stay fit.”

The pre-workout supplied by Ora Organics is no contradiction to their organic and sustainable approach, as each bottle is prepared with the utmost care for your health as well as for nature.


Natural Product: All of the ingredients used in the Ora Organics pre-workout come from organic sources, and the product is free of all artificial and harmful additives like GMOs, heavy metals, dyes, plastic flavors, preservatives, etc.

Ingredients: If you go through the label of the Ora Organics pre-workout supplement, you will find the organic word almost everywhere. The supplement contains organic blends for endurance, energy, electrolytes, and nitric oxide. A unique combination of adaptogens is also included, but nothing goes outside the word “natural.”

Flavors: The pre-workout comes in three delicious flavors of Ceremonial Matcha, Beet Pomegranate, and Raspberry Lemonade. The flavors are not just for taste but add to the overall effectiveness of the products, too.

Brand Reputation: Different approaches with a better vision are always celebrated, and Ora Organics is an excellent example of that. Its unconventional turn to keep the gym supplements natural, when most of its peers are playing on lab-generated stuff, makes it stand out.

Customer Reviews: Customers have given a positive response to the product. The regular consumers of high-caffeine supplements did find the product less energizing, but those who were looking for clean and smooth energy were delighted with the product. In addition, the all-organic policy of the brand has added significantly to the stars gained by the company.


  • Clean energy without crashes
  • Organic ingredients
  • Non-GMO and soy-free
  • 100% vegan
  • Delicious flavors
  • Effective blends


  • Low caffeine
  • Contains added sugar

Customer Policies

  • Amazing customer service
  • Frequent brand offers
  • Clear refund policies

=> Visit the Official Website of Ora Organics for More Details

#5. Optimum Nutrition: Best for Muscles


Optimum Nutrition is a well-known company in the fitness world, and its wide range of products with quality ingredients is famous because of their effectiveness and worth.

The huge product line offered by the brand is eye-catching, and every product is made with strict regulations and quality checks. The ingredients used in the products are obtained from reliable and premium-grade sources, and the manufacturing practices are also transparent with third-party lab tests.

The pre-workout supplement is excellent for lifting your workout mood. With a unique blend of core ingredients, the supplement offers reliable support to gym-goers, so much that it is even trusted by numerous renowned gym trainers and fitness experts.


Healthy Dosage: Having been designed with a smart blend of high-performing ingredients, the Optimum Nutrition pre-workout supplement works amazingly well for faster weight loss along with recovery features. The 1.6 g of beta-alanine content prevents muscle fatigue effectively, and the Phyto blend gives a nice natural touch to promote recovery, aiding you to lose weight. Balanced levels of caffeine help increase focus without triggering energy crashes.

Muscle Build-Up: If you are looking for a supplement that pushes muscle mass growth and helps you build a strong and muscular physique, the Optimum Nutrition pre-workout supplement will work best for you. The smart formula supports the recovery and growth of muscle tissues, allowing users to gain mass.

Third-Party Lab Tested: Optimum Nutrition gets all of its products tested by a third-party lab for any impurities or heavy metals. In addition, the brand is honest with its manufacturing practices, label, and ingredients’ sources.

Flavors: The supplement by the brand comes in four delectable flavors — Fruit Punch, Blueberry Lemonade, Watermelon, and Green Apple. All of the flavors effectively mask the raw taste of other ingredients, so you can drink it happily.

Brand Reputation: Optimum Nutrition is among the most renowned brands, and its robust black bottles can be found in top gymnasiums around the world. Gym trainers trust the brand for strength training and for getting a jaw-dropping muscular body.

Customer Reviews: The outstanding reputation of Optimum Nutrition is visible in the reviews, as most of them are positive, with more than 4.5 stars. Customers, especially those into strength training and muscle build-up, have appreciated the product. However, some customers, who do not want any artificial additives, have complained about the flavors. Moreover, some have found the website unresponsive at times. Overall, the brand has received a thumbs-up for effectiveness.


  • Highly energizing
  • Contains a suitable dosage of amino acids
  • Many flavors available
  • Sugar-free carbohydrates
  • Keto-friendly
  • Balanced amount of caffeine


  • Contains artificial flavors

Customer Policies

  • Website is often unresponsive
  • Ships within seven to eight business days
  • Free shipping over $40

=> Visit the Official Website of Optimum Nutrition for More Details

How We Developed This List Of Pre Workout Supplements 

Everyone wants to get the maximum output from the hours spent sweating it out in the gym, as the pleasure of getting a toned body that can make heads turn is worth it all. But, many brands play with your money and mind by selling supplements that are nothing more than water-flavoring powders or caffeine shots.

It is hard to choose a reliable pre-workout supplement from the many available in the market. So, to select the perfect brand for women, we started by listing the various reasons women may need to get a pre-workout supplement:

  • Gathering the energy to hit the gym
  • Increasing the intensity and duration of the workout
  • Avoiding post-workout fatigue
  • Getting a faster and intense output from a workout
  • Losing weight and getting a toned body faster

Next, we listed the ingredients that can fit the requirements mentioned above. Those ingredients are:

L-Citrulline: During a workout, your body needs a proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to prevent exhaustion. Amino acids boost circulation by increasing nitric acid production. That enables a better reach of blood to all body parts, thus increasing stamina. L-Citrulline is one such essential amino acid, and we checked the amount of it in the supplements. Ones containing the sufficient dosage were favored to be on the list.

Beta-alanine: You cannot go further with your workout regime if you are disturbed by muscle fatigue or painful cramps time and again. Beta-alanine, if present in good amounts in a pre-workout supplement, can effectively neutralize the lactic acid build-up and maintain the pH balance of your muscles to prevent them from cramping, which helps meet daily workout targets.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Electrolytes: We cannot talk about energy and endurance without these three essential micronutrients in a pre-workout supplement. To keep the body hydrated and flushed with energy, the presence of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is crucial.

Stimulant: One of the most critical ingredients of an energy-boosting supplement before a workout is a quality stimulant. The most common stimulant used in pre-workouts is caffeine, but other alternatives for caffeine-sensitive women are also available. So, we sorted out the brands with the best and smartest ratios of stimulants for our list.

L-Theanine: This is a must to balance the stimulating effects in a pre-workout, and L-Theanine is the component to do that. L-Theanine and stimulants in a 2:1 proportion are perfect for a supplement.

Branched Chain Amino Acids: You can never get enough amino acids in your pre-workout. BCAAs are yet another ingredient to promote muscle tissue endurance, recovery, and the development of lean muscle, so your muscles do not give in before meeting your goal of the day.

Factors We Looked Into

We ensured a balanced dosage of these ingredients in the pre-workout supplements, and the shortlisted brands were further investigated on the following parameters:

Third-Party Testing

We preferred the brands that were tested by a third party for purity of their ingredients, presence of heavy metals or impurities, manufacturing practices, and transparency. It is easy to trust the brands that can prove their credibility and face external tests.

Calories Per Serving

You are spending your money to get rid of extra calories, and if you keep getting them through your supplement, it becomes ironic. So, we tested the shortlisted brands for their calories per serving and allowed only reasonable stats to get to the final list.


Most pre-workout supplements available in the market are suitable for looking more serious in gyms by carrying them in fancy shakers. Therefore, you cannot expect more from them. So, we focused on the effectiveness and potency of the supplements, and we consulted researchers and experts to know the clinically standard dosage of ingredients for the best results. Then, we evaluated the brands based on them.

Artificial Footprints

You do not want to buy plastic for your body with your hard-earned money. So, we investigated each of the shortlisted brands for the presence of artificial flavors, dyes, or ingredients, and only the brands that believe in natural ingredients got on the list.

Customer Reviews

Verified customers are the most reliable sources to learn about the product and its effects. So, we went through a series of verified reviews of each shortlisted brand to understand how customers feel about them. No brand with a less than 4.5 average rating was screened through to the list.

Expert Opinion

Workouts are scientific and more effective if done under the supervision of professionals. The same goes with supplements, as only experts and professional researchers can give you a viable opinion. So, we consulted qualified fitness trainers, researchers, fitness authors, and athletes about the requisites for the best pre-workout and evaluated the brands accordingly.

The five brands that could satisfy us with the ingredients and all other parameters were put on our list of the best pre-workout supplements for women.

A Beginner’s Buying Guide

You should ask the following questions when buying a pre-workout supplement:

Is any stimulant present in the pack?

Do not compromise with stimulants, as women also need energy and endurance during their weight-loss training.

Tell me about your amino acids profile.

Get to know about the essential and non-essential amino acids present in the supplement. Do not go with fewer amounts or poor-quality amino acids, as they are the core of your pre-workout. If you want to go on uninterrupted and enthusiastic in your regime, count on nitric oxide.

Does the product contain artificial ingredients?

Your body is not a place to dump artificial components. So, choose a pre-workout that is free of GMOs, preservatives, heavy metals, artificial flavors, and other harmful additives.

Can you prove your claims?

Do not get convinced with just the claims. Ask for clinical and lab reports from an authentic third-party lab. The brand that fails to do so might be hiding its true ingredients or manufacturing method.

Will it serve the intended purpose?

Every pre-workout supplement is made for a specific purpose, and you must be aware of that. If you are strength training but buy a mild energy supplement, you cannot get what you paid for. So, choose the brand and the variant that is best for your objective.

Why is it so costly?

Do not pay for what you do not get. That is the primary virtue of a savvy shopper. So, always compare the features and prices of brands, and buy only the one which offers the best deal.

Let me ask my fellow customers.

Yes, always go through the reviews from verified customers, as they will give you true insight into the effects of the products you are going to buy.

Only choose the brand that can proudly and honestly answer your questions. Never compromise with any brand with a fancy name and glamorous bottles. After all, the stakes are as high as your health and fitness.

FAQs: Pre-Workout Supplements

Q: What is the best time to take a pre-workout supplement?

There is no specific time, as it depends on the intensity of the workout. The rule of thumb is that it is good to take a pre-workout supplement 15 to 30 minutes before a workout. But, if you do light warm-up exercises for an extended period, it is better to take the supplement five to ten minutes before a workout.

Q: Can high caffeine in the supplements cause side effects?

Side effects due to high caffeine levels depend on your tolerance levels and holistic caffeine intake, including other caffeine sources like coffee, tea, etc. A healthy woman must not exceed more than 400mg of caffeine per day through all-inclusive sources, as it may lead to inflammation, energy crash, and many other issues. So, test your tolerance levels by taking a small caffeine dosage to prevent any health issues.

Q: Are pre-workout supplements for women necessary?

The word “supplement” is proof enough that it is not necessary. They are a supportive element that can supplement the essentials you might miss in your regular diet. They may help boost your energy, stamina, and endurance. But, if you are already high in stamina and get enough nutrients from a regular diet, you do not need supplements. If you want to reach fitness targets faster and cannot fuel your body requirements with a normal diet, using a quality pre-workout supplement is ideal.

Q: Are pre-workouts safe for pregnant and nursing women?

Pre-workouts are recommended for women on intense workout sessions. Pregnant women are not allowed to do intense workouts, so there is no point for them to take these supplements. Nursing women must also refrain from highly dosed or stimulating supplements that can affect breast milk, causing health issues to the baby.

Q: How many times a day is it safe to take a pre-workout supplement?

The answer to this question depends on many factors like the quality and strength of your supplement, the type of workout, caffeine levels in your drink, etc. Standard consumption should be just once or twice a day if you are into high-intensity workouts. Also, if your drink is highly dosed with caffeine or stimulant, exceeding two doses a day can cause energy crashes. Ideally, you should take it just once a day.

Q: Are pre-workout supplements good for people aged below 18?

No, pre-workout supplements are not recommended for those below 18, as they contain high amounts of caffeine, which is not suitable for that age group. Most supplement brands mention this on their products and on their website.

Parting Thoughts: Which Is the Best Pre-Workout Supplement for Women in 2021?  

We made this list of the best pre-workout for women with a lot of research and logic. We aim to help you benefit from the best brands for the most viable and visible results, improved physical performance, and attainment of your fitness goals. We hope this list enables you to find the perfect workout drink to head for an envy-worthy figure.

However, as a word of caution, it is best to consult a doctor or dietician before consuming any such supplement regularly.

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