Lịch sử

The Indochina Professional Training Corporation (IndochinaPro) was established in 2001 in response to the need for world-standard professional training and education. We tie up with local and international educational institutions to develop high-quality and cost-effective learning solutions to meet the knowledge demand of Vietnam’s emerging economy. Our on-the-ground expertise and facilities put us in a unique position to serve our clients – corporations, government organizations and individuals.


* Information Technology
1. Software Engineering
2. Information Systems
3. Graphic & Web design
4. Multimedia & Animation
5. Programming Applications for Mobile Devices
6. ICDL Test

* Business Administration
1. General Management & Leadership
2. Financial Management
3. PR, Marketing & Sales
4. Human Resource Management

* English for International Communication
1. Business English
2. TOEIC Test

* Children Education
1. FasTracKids Enrichment Program
2. Children English for Kindergarten & Primary School


* September 2011: Start up MOBIPRO Program for Mobile Programming
* July 2011: Tied up with National Financial Educators Council (NFEC-USA) to launch DOPRO Financial Education Programme
* April 2011: Start up Children English Program KITTEN
* October 2010: Open the second FasTracKids Centre in Hanoi
* July 2008: Tied up with FasTracKids International Ltd. (USA) to open FasTracKids Enrichment Education Centre
* April 2008: Tied up with Aptech Ltd. to open the Hanoi-Arena Multimedia Education Centre
* May 2007: Tied up with VCI Academy of Technology (Japan) to launch Japanese Language Program for IT Professionals
* May 2007: Launched Program ePIT “English for Professional in Information Technology”
* April 2007: Set up INPRO Training Program
* July 2006: Appointed as the Accredited Test Center for ICDL
* July 2003: Tied up with Informatics Holdings Ltd. to open Thames Business School Vietnam
* December 2002: Started the second Hanoi Aptech center
* November 2001: Tied up with Aptech Ltd. to open the first Aptech Computer School
* September 2001: IndochinaPro Corp. incorporated